SJ Group International Joins Our Providers

The Securitatem Group is pleased to announce SJ Group International as our latest associated provider, specialising in kidnap, extortion, risk and crisis management, and response training within the Africa region. SJ Group International provides high-quality security, negotiation, and crisis management expertise. Their team includes some most experienced military, police, and private sector experts. The organisation has completed numerous international deployments to respond to kidnaps… Read More

+ Travel

Travel Securely for Social Events

Travel in safety and style to your next social event with our security travel service. Whether you are hosting the occasion or attending a high-profile social event, let our security personnel and drivers escort you. Specially trained in situational awareness, counter surveillance, and secure planning, our team is always aware and prepared for any eventuality. At Securitatem Consultancy we pride ourselves on selecting professionals… Read More

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