Effective protective security depends on the use of a variety of measures to detect, deter and delay any cyber-attack.

Cyber security measures should form part of a multi-layered approach, along with physical and personnel security. 

We are all dependent on technology and the internet. However, it is inherently insecure and there will always be attempts to exploit weaknesses to launch cyber attacks. This threat cannot be eliminated completely, but the risk can be greatly reduced to a level that allows you or your business to be confident and continue to prosper, and benefit from the huge opportunities that digital technology brings. 


At Securitatem Consultancy, we have highly skilled consultants who have cutting edge insights in the virtual world of cybercrime. Formerly working globally and leading Europol’s Cybercrime Task Force, representing both Interpol’s working group to develop the global innovation centre based in Singapore and the Five Eyes Strategic Alliance Cyber Working Group.

With strategic understanding of contemporary threats, we are uniquely positioned to provide advice on how to protect networks, systems, information assets, data and how you can remain secure and resilient to cyber threats, while being confident and prosperous in the digital world.

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