If you find yourself at risk of harm, harassment, or attack, we can provide the elite close protection service you need.

When in the critical position of requiring close protection, finding operatives that you can trust and feel secure with is key. With all our deployments we only enlist personal protection operatives (PPO), and close protection operatives (CPO), from a Police or Military background.

Our close protection team and its operatives, are selected to meet your individual needs. These include experience levels, tactical requirement, and operational restrictions. Our service is distinctive within a saturate security market because it’s truly bespoke. At Securitatem Consultancy, we pride ourselves on a customer focused approach and delivering genuine quality in all we do.

Our close protection service will:

  • Review and familiarise with any current intelligence and critical incident plan you may have. Which include anti- kidnap protocols, contingency planning, and business continuity arrangements
  • Obtain a broad understanding of the threat and risk you are facing
  • Agree Mitigation Arrangements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Match a CPO or PPO to you and your personal preferences
  • Manage the effective integration of the CPO or PPO with you, other family members, and staff

Personal Protection Operative (PPO)

Closest to you, a personal protection operative is tasked with staffing your inner cordon and personal security. Operating within your immediate surroundings, PPO’s are the reassuring silhouette solely tasked with removing you from harm.

personal protection

Close Protection Operative (CPO)

Operating within your wider surroundings, a CPO’s team is especially skilled in providing a safe radius for you to go about your life within the wider setting. From open environments to being within a crowd, operatives are specifically trained to adapt and manage the potential threats around you within an ever-changing environment. The whole team work as a complete unit, continually evaluate and communicate threats with one another.

close protection

Trained to the highest standards within the police, military and security industry, all close protection operatives are licensed under the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and fully vetted under UK Law Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

If you require a Residential Security Teams as well as close protection, we can arrange and coordinate both services simultaneously for you.

Security Managers

Residential Security Teams

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