Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) background checks is an invaluable and cost-effective tool to support any modern investigation or enquiry. 

Whether you require background checks to support and enhance traditional background checks. We can enhance investigations, staff recruitment pre-employment checks, employment professional standards investigations. As well as due diligence on prospective business partners or routine security assessments on relevant entities is available.

At Securitatem Consultancy, we have invested heavily in ensuring we have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to maximise the value added by extensive OSINT usage.

Our leadership and staff include former leaders of the UKs National Crime Agencies, National Cyber Crime Unit, including ex-government OSINT experts.

background checks

Our investigators are highly skilled OSINT experts, with extensive training worldwide on how to resource data from diverse sources, including:

  • Internet, including forums, blogs, social networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, Whois records of registered domain names, metadata, digital files, dark web resources, geolocation data, IP addresses, and search engines
  • Photographs and videos including metadata 
  • Traditional mass media e.g. television, radio, newspapers, and magazines

Coupled with traditional investigative interview skills whether required for employment or other investigative needs Securitatem’s staff offer unrivalled capabilities in any search for the truth.


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