Offences of abduction, kidnap and extortion thankfully remain very rare in the UK, however, are more common in other parts of the world.

So, whilst the chance of becoming a victim of kidnap and extortion may be low. The potential consequences of such an event remain very serious and potentially catastrophic. Any client who may be vulnerable to such a threat either through wealth, fame, work, or travel should have plans in place to mitigate such a threat.

Securitatem Consultancy offers anti-kidnap & extortion resolutions.

Securitatem staff have held senior and practitioner positions working for law enforcement in anti-kidnap roles. We are uniquely positioned to provide advice and guidance to reduce the risk of such offences being perpetrated, while being able to liaise and work alongside existing law enforcement staff specialising in investigating these crimes.

A professional unit works to secure the safe release of hostages, and will deal discreetly and expertly with any form of blackmail or extortion.

All operatives are fully vetted under UK Law Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

kidnap and extortion

Securitatem Consultancy will work with the client to:

  • Review any current plans and tactics including anti- kidnap protocols
  • Conduct generic and case specific threat and risk assessments, agreeing mitigation arrangements for individuals and businesses including reducing reputational damage
  • Agree and help manage  Standard operating procedures (SOPs), crisis management plans in the event of an incident
  • Respond dynamically where a crime in action is underway, to support, advise, and liaise with relevant authorities to secure the safe release of any hostage

Threat & Risk Assessments

Protective Surveillance

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