Securitatem Consultancy have a skilled and talented cadre of accredited undercover operatives, drawn from a wide spectrum of both public and private sector roles which include, law enforcement, military, and technical backgrounds.

Deployed covertly in certain circumstances undercover operatives (UCOs) offer a legitimate tactic to gather intelligence or evidence or used to test the integrity of process and procedure. For example, testing security processes such as, comprehensive business property penetration testing or physical intrusion testing (Pen testing).

undercover operatives

We provide an evaluation of how secure your current security strategies are and how they are responded to. Penetration testing will identify vulnerabilities and/or will confirm the thoroughness, efficiency and resilience of the existing security systems, staff and procedures. We are committed to providing clients with an outstanding level of service, providing bespoke solutions for your security requirements.

Penetration Testing

Bug Sweeping

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