The Securitatem Group is pleased to announce SJ Group International as our latest associated provider, specialising in kidnap, extortion, risk and crisis management, and response training within the Africa region.

SJ Group International provides high-quality security, negotiation, and crisis management expertise. Their team includes some most experienced military, police, and private sector experts. The organisation has completed numerous international deployments to respond to kidnaps and extortion threats, sometimes in hostile environments. Having previously represented the UK Government and intergovernmental agencies such as the EU and UN at international forums.

SJ Group was founded by Nick Shah, author of the UN Manual for Counter Kidnapping and Extortion and ex-Senior Officer of the National Crime Agency in the African region and was recognised with an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2019.

By working in synergy with SJ Group International, we can provide additional physical and intellectual resources alongside our existing international infrastructure. Giving The Securitatem Group the ability to deploy an instantaneous kidnap and extortion response within the African region for our prominent clients.

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