Travel in safety and style to your next social event with our security travel service.

Whether you are hosting the occasion or attending a high-profile social event, let our security personnel and drivers escort you. Specially trained in situational awareness, counter surveillance, and secure planning, our team is always aware and prepared for any eventuality. At Securitatem Consultancy we pride ourselves on selecting professionals to secure our clients. All our personnel are from ex-military or police backgrounds, capable of achieving the highest standard of security and service.

We take your care to the next level as standard. Providing en route concierge packages for you, with a bespoke selection of snacks, confectionary, and amenities available. Whether you are craving a charcuterie platter for a long journey or a chilled bottle of the finest wine to celebrate with on your journey, we can arrange of this all for you.

Travel with us and be assured that every measure has been taken to ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable journey.

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