New Year – New Security

The start of a new year is a great time to review the security requirements for your current lifestyle. Annual reviews can be vital to keeping your security arrangements fresh and relevant, especially if your life continuously evolves. With ever-developing needs and requirements, it’s important to modify and amend your security planning in line with optimum safeguarding solutions for you, your family, your assets,… Read More


Security Driver for the social season

Enter this social season prepared and protected, with the addition of a personal security driver this winter, ensuring your safety and security are not at risk. High-profile individuals attending a prominent public or private event, should not underestimate potential security risks. Unfortunately, threats of targeted attacks, theft, and protests are ever present, resulting in many concerns worth seeking additional security support for.  A good… Read More


Providing Personal Protection

Our exclusive team of personal protection and close protection operatives is setting the highest standard in protective security. For our clients, we have a specially selected team on hand to radically reduce the fear of harm or unwanted attention they may receive. Deployed to provide a seamless security partition between the client and others who may seek to disrupt, harm, or endanger them. Close… Read More


SJ Group International Joins Our Providers

The Securitatem Group is pleased to announce SJ Group International as our latest associated provider, specialising in kidnap, extortion, risk and crisis management, and response training within the Africa region. SJ Group International provides high-quality security, negotiation, and crisis management expertise. Their team includes some most experienced military, police, and private sector experts. The organisation has completed numerous international deployments to respond to kidnaps… Read More

+ Travel

Travel Securely for Social Events

Travel in safety and style to your next social event with our security travel service. Whether you are hosting the occasion or attending a high-profile social event, let our security personnel and drivers escort you. Specially trained in situational awareness, counter surveillance, and secure planning, our team is always aware and prepared for any eventuality. At Securitatem Consultancy we pride ourselves on selecting professionals… Read More


Silver Armed Forces Covenant Member

Securitatem Consultancy is honoured to become a silver armed forces covenant member. The prestigious accolade marks our long-standing and continuous commitment to supporting the armed forces, those who have and continue to serve, alongside their families. As well as employing former military reservists and those who volunteer their time to the community, we advertise jobs directly to former armed forces personnel and their families… Read More

+ secure travel

Making Travel Safer

Since the global pandemic in 2020, there has been a downward trend in how business travellers are now perceiving their safety when traveling the world with many now stating it is not safe at all. A recent survey detailed by Strategic Risk, and commissioned by the World Travel Protection, carried out by Opinium, found the following conclusions: With so much concern over traveling now,… Read More


How a Risk Assessment Changes Event Security

A risk assessment carries a crucial role in event planning – designed to highlight potential eventualities and able to guide the implementation of responsive security measures. A risk assessment can be a legal requirement, but it should not only be considered a check box process but instead a valuable and influential asset to your events planning process.  An event security risk assessment brings with… Read More


Joining Forces Families Jobs

We are pleased to be registered as an employer for the Forces Families Jobs website. The website is the go-to place for training, employment, and volunteer roles for family members of currently serving UK military personnel.  As registered employers, we will post upcoming roles directly to the families of armed forces personnel. Continuing our support for the armed force community and the armed force… Read More


Living a Life of Privacy

Most of our clients enjoy anonymity and very private lives away of the utmost privacy. However even the most innocent online presence can have the potential to be criminally targeted. With online networks and communities continuing to grow. The appeal and draw of an online presence increases and once active can unwittingly draw the wrong kind of attention. This becomes a risk when there… Read More

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