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Making Travel Safer

Since the global pandemic in 2020, there has been a downward trend in how business travellers are now perceiving their safety when traveling the world with many now stating it is not safe at all.

A recent survey, commissioned by the World Travel Protection, carried out by Opinium, found the following conclusions:

  • Only 20% of employees said they were happy to travel for work again.
  • With 18% were concerned about their health and well-being whilst traveling now.
  • 17% of business travellers feel less safe than they did before the pandemic.

With so much concern over traveling now, including concerns around geopolitical threats, one practical countermeasure for those businesses still requiring their employees to undertake essential travel would be to instruct a travel risk assessment. As well as providing experienced advice on mitigating risk, it also provides business travellers with reassurance.

Risk assessments will identify whether there is a need to implement travel security training for employees visiting unstable destinations.

Additionally, high-profile organisations may wish to consider enlisting specialist security staff to take professional care of their staff safety whilst traveling, either through a designated individual being on hand to manage their itinerary before and during the journey or through employing close protection to provide assurance against any threat of a volatile incidents.

Further consideration would be electronic options to keep locations visible 24/7 with a discrete tracking device, further increasing security. Electronic options can be either on personal items or vehicles, giving remote updates for the duration of the time away.

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How a Risk Assessment Changes Event Security

A risk assessment carries a crucial role in event planning – designed to highlight potential eventualities and able to guide the implementation of responsive security measures.

A risk assessment can be a legal requirement, but it should not only be considered a check box process but instead a valuable and influential asset to your events planning process. 

An event security risk assessment brings with it vital data and subsequent recommendations on the fundamental safety and security of your event. Through an in-depth assessment process, a certified security provider will identify potential risks or threats and propose appropriate measures to mitigate them.

In preparation of any event, bringing together complementary resources such as fire safety, event security, emergency services, and with them their respective risk assessments allow the formulation of a coordinated and cohesive incident response, bringing a dynamic response to event planning, allowing each specialist resource to complement the other, whilst carrying out its individual duties. 

The Protect Duty legislation, also known as Martyn’s Law, named after Martyn Hett, who died in the Manchester Arena Attack in May 2017.  Brings with it the potential for an increase in assessments, planning, counter-terrorism measures, training, and staffing within the event security industry. Event security planning processes such as risk assessments will become even more critical to the safety and security of future events.


Joining Forces Families Jobs

We are pleased to be registered as an employer for the Forces Families Jobs website.

The website is the go-to place for training, employment, and volunteer roles for family members of currently serving UK military personnel.  As registered employers, we will post upcoming roles directly to the families of armed forces personnel. Continuing our support for the armed force community and the armed force covenant.

Securitatem Consultancy remains committed to supporting those who have served past and present in the UK military and their families. Our sister company, Securitatem Installations, has an ongoing offer with the Defence Discount Service. Which provides 10% off new installations of intruder alarms, CCTV, and access control systems.


Living a Life of Privacy

Most of our clients enjoy anonymity and very private lives away of the utmost privacy. However even the most innocent online presence can have the potential to be criminally targeted.

With online networks and communities continuing to grow. The appeal and draw of an online presence increases and once active can unwittingly draw the wrong kind of attention. This becomes a risk when there is a combination of; an individual in a prominent position, the exposure of their private life online, and the absence of online security awareness or security personnel. This opens the possibility of their offline life to attack from those who would seek to benefit from it.

Unfortunately, there have been several incidents over the last few years where prominent individuals have been targeted through opportunists online. These incidents have ranged from:

In these cases, and others, posting updates publicly online that feature high-value items, travel plans, the location of the home residence, and vulnerable family members has led to unwelcome repercussions. The internet offers a blanket of anonymity to those who look to expose and exploit opportunities for burglary, robbery, and even kidnapping.  


Through the process of reviewing an individual client’s security, we may look to advise on limiting measures on their social network and online presence to establish the safest environment for them going forward. The measures we may advise they deploy include but are not limited to:

  • Have private accounts or consider not having an account at all.
  • Only posting information about your activities, locations, or events retrospectively.
  • Turn off your location/geotags settings.
  • Impress on your family and associates about the importance of privacy for their accounts too, associating with you may expose their accounts to be targeted.

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+ Operational security

Operational Security Appointment

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Longfield as Security Operations Advisor. 

The role provides operational delivery to every aspect of Securitatem Consultancy services. Spearheading the day-to-day operational requirements of the business,. Supporting various teams within the organisation, and maintaining all essential operational assets. Stephen will have a prominent role in advising on our operational security services.

Stephen started his career at 16 as a trooper in the household cavalry, followed by an extensive 30-year career in Kent Police. During this time on the force, Stephen spent 12 years developing and delivering the crime investigation system to UK police forces as part of the Athena Management Organisation, cultivating professional contracts within the home office and the College of Policing.

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+ SIA Close Protection Renewals

Close Protection Renewals

Last month saw the SIA introduce new top-up training requirements for close protection operatives.

The new requirements include a first aid qualification and new top-up training in physical intervention skills, knowledge of door supervision responsibilities, and terror threat awareness before renewal.

Terror threat awareness training is especially prominent as it coincides with the introduction of The Protect Duty. Which is set to assess and take steps to mitigate the risk of terrorist attacks and would apply to both the public and private event sectors alike. This new legislation is championed by victim’s groups, including Martyn’s Law campaign. Established by Figen Murray following the tragic loss of her son at the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. 

This update in policy follows the introduction of revised close protection qualifications for new applicants brought in by the SIA in April. The latest renewal requirements will help to ensure that close protection operatives, new and existing. Have the skill set to ensure the safety of themselves, their clients, and the public.

Steve McCormick, the SIA’s Director of Licensing and Standards said:

This work to increase the skills of every licensed operative through strengthened training and qualifications is a crucial component in increasing public trust and confidence in the industry. This trust is critical to delivering on our commitment to improved public protection.

Securitatem Consultancy’s close protection operatives are all trained to the highest standards. All have reputable backgrounds from the Police, military, and security industry. All our close protection operatives are licensed under the Security Industry Authority (SIA). As well as fully vetted under UK Law Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

To find out about the new requirements – Visit the SIA.

+ Watch Theft On The Rise

Watch theft on the rise

London has seen an increasing issue of personal crime during 2022, with a 60% increase being reported between May and June 2022.

Often seen as a hotspot for luxury watch shopping, criminals are now taking to the streets of London with the latest crime wave. Criminals, often on mopeds and e-scooters, are targeting members of the public during broad daylight, whilst dining outside, or following them at night. Recorded incidents show criminals brazenly approaching owners in the street, physically removing the watch, and even banishing weapons including machetes during attacks.

London has seen a growth in criminal offenses since the end of Covid-19 restrictions, and with the public back out on densely packed streets, this gives perpetrators ample opportunity to target personal property.  Between November 2021 and October 2022, there were 54,877 recorded incidences of theft from a person in London, a 60% increase on the previous 12 month period (Metropolitan Police: Overview of crimes). With theft crime being 2nd only to violence against a person.

Brands targeted have been reported to have been Rolex, Franck Muller, Omega, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. With reports listing high-priced jewellery and mobile phones also being taken during attacks.

The often violent and brutal nature of such an attack can have an additional emotional cost on the victim, causing ongoing fear and psychological trauma.

Detective Chief Superintendent Owain Richards told The Daily Telegraph. “We know the impact these crimes have on each end every victim and that is why we have extra officers in place in locations where these crimes are most common,” Even promising to add extra patrols to areas seeing an increase in assaults.

The police have advised the public to keep valuables concealed and to be aware of their surroundings whilst in public. However, this is often easier said than done and with the frequency of incidents increasing, you may want to consider advanced measures.

You can become confident by developing the appropriate security skills including situational awareness, judgment, prevention tactics, and reaction to events with our security training services.

+ Event Security

How to create the perfect security for your event

Looking for a security response that perfectly fits the tone and feel of your next event?

Specialist operators will understand the level of professionalism and experience required to deliver a quality security service.

Set the Standard

Be sure to set out clearly defined expectations for the service you and your guests wish to receive, ensuring that your specialist supplier upholds the same superior standards throughout their own business and services. Exclusive security providers should come with extensive experience in delivering to an elite level without any compromises on security skills.

Skills to do the job

Experienced security providers understand the skills required for your event and should provide a holistic based response. Matching your event profile to the industries most skilled and experienced professionals, as well as managing the deployment of those specialist resources within their established infrastructure.

Always select professionals

Put your trust in a security company that has the professional experience to fulfil such a high-profile role. Experienced security professionals have extensive strategic, operational, and tactical knowledge, with proven skills in applying that knowledge within the physical deployment of appropriate and focused security services.

Experience is vital

Guests or patrons want to enjoy the event without disruption. An experienced team will understand the balance required to deploy physical security measures for safety and reassurance whilst remaining discreet.

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+ skyhigh security

Sky-high security

Our bespoke security services know no bounds and are certainly not limited to the road. Securitatem Consultancy delivers elite security globally, whether via land, sea, or air.

We retain exclusive use of this stunning Agusta 109 twin engine 8 seater helicopter as part of our range of security travel services. Offering a luxury experience in travel and security services nationally and internationally, piloted by former members of the Military.

The helicopter boasts an impressive interior and exquisite leather seating throughout. Sit back and relax with a drink from the elegant inbuilt console as you pass through the sky.

Following your flight, our security drivers can arrive within your own vehicle or one from our executive fleet to escort you to your next destination. Every driver is specially trained in a range of defensive driving techniques, drawn from a Police and Military background. Alongside our leading protective services, our team is also impeccable in their execution of our refined and elite standards.

If you are traveling onboard a yacht or private boat this winter, we can provide close protection personnel to accompany you. Experience every corner of the world safe in the knowledge that our team will continually prioritise your safety.

To discuss your requirements and upcoming security arrangements, please contact Luana Ali, Private Clients Manager.

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+ family security

Protecting your family

Our family security services are built bespoke to your needs, taking care of what is most precious to you.

Our family security training programs provide the tools to create a safe and secure environment for your family. They are designed to prepare and equip you and your family with the skills and knowledge to identify and react to potential security threats.

Our family training program also encompasses travel security training, allowing you and your family to be guided through the security protocols for traveling securely around the world. We provide the background knowledge unique to your destination, on-the-ground protocols, and close protection operatives to travel with you if required.

We can provide security teams abroad and at home, our close protection operatives, are discreet and subtle, allowing you to go about your family life undisturbed. Our operatives work to the highest standard in the industry, and all come from a former military or Police background, so you can fully relax knowing your family will remain safe with us. 

If you have concerns regarding your family’s security, contact us now.

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