Outstanding Security Provider Awards 2021 Event Security Finalist

Securitatem Consultancy who specialise in close protection, event management and the safety of high-value clients, assured the security of the 15th Biennial General Conference in central London for the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), involving 500 global Nuclear Operators.

Following nine months of meticulous planning in partnership with the client and the Metropolitan Police, Securitatem Consultancy ensured the security of the guests at their accommodation, during travel, the conference and at all scheduled events. This included award ceremonies, gala dinners and visits to external venues over the three and a half days, requiring over 100 Close Protection deployments.

Through leadership, professionalism and expertise, Securitatem Consultancy seamlessly managed this high profile, complex large-scale event that was being broadcast on the national media stage, while faced with significant threat and risk during a period of demonstrations that resulted in over 300 arrests.

The nature of the protester’s known disruptive methods and the numbers of guests involved required carefully thought-out tactical options to keep them safe in case of any given incident.

The majority of the security operators had medical emergency trauma qualifications, supported by the availability of trauma packs. Securitatem Consultancy personal protective equipment for each operator included communications and acid trauma kits to manage acid attacks, glue de-bonder and a bespoke event command vehicle, in case of site evacuation.

All this was necessary to reassure guests and staff and consequently there was not a single reported incident within their area of responsibility, guaranteeing the event was an absolute success, on time and maintained the reputation of both WANO and EDF.

Our operation has gained a nationally recognised nomination and subsequent selection as a finalist within the Event Security category in the Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2021. 

The winners are to be revealed during a virtual award show on 25 February 2021.The criteria for the award is based on extensive research that contributes to and  characterises superior performance.

We would like to wish all finalists the very best of luck.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by how much positive feedback I’ve already heard from so many delegates about the event security”.  

Peter Prozesky, CEO – WANO  

“Awesome team, fantastic teamwork, great feedback and a little humour along the way”.  

D Shuffleton, Strategy & Integration Director – WANO  

“Congratulation’s, nothing but praise from those who attended the event in regard to the event security from start to finish no matter the hour of the day”.  

Simone Rossi, CEO – EDF   


Stay Cyber-Safe This Christmas

We are entering the busiest period in online shopping. At Securitatem Consultancy, our services are personalised to keep you safe.

Cyber security measures should form part of a multi-layered approach, that includes physical and personal security.

Cyber related threats increase during the Christmas period, they are the most significant risks to online consumers.

At Securitatem Consultancy, we have highly skilled consultants who have excellent insights in cybercrime. We are positioned to provide advice on how to protect networks, systems, information assets, data, and how to operate safely and securely online.

Safety through security.


Threat and risk assessments: our top 3 approaches

Threat and risk assessments guarantee appropriate security measures are in place to reduce the risk of harm to people, assets and data.

At Securitatem Consultancy, we have thorough knowledge and proactively manage risk. Including, personal, organisational and informational.

We take several approaches to ensure maximum safety measures.

Our top 3 threat and risk assessments measures:

Security threat and risk assessment

The threat assessment is the fundamental step in a risk analysis. The assessment debriefs entail assessing various threats and security risks associated with a particular location. It covers an extensive range of threats: ranging from natural, criminal and terrorists.

Active threat assessment

Active threat assessments are used to describe a process through which your operative personnel observe and identify immediate threats; including active criminals.

The violence threat risk assessment

Violence threat risk assessments estimate the probability of potential violent behaviour by an individual; including interference strategies. This assessment focuses on assessing an individual’s prediction for violence in general, not related to a specific attack against a target.

Safety through security.


Personal protection operatives essential tools

Being a close protection operative can be dangerous. Absence of sufficient safety measures can put an operative at risk. It’s vital to ensure their safety isn’t compromised.

We’ve identified crucial personal protective equipment that should be utilised:

  • Two-way radio

Communication is key. Two-way radios are collective forms of communication for close protection operatives. Intended to smartly interconnect vital information over extended or diminutive distances.

  • Smartphone

Mobile devices are obligatory in today’s interconnected world. Offering operatives a commanding interaction instrument with access to the internet to create strategies and react to unanticipated surroundings.

  • First aid kit

Having unlimited accessibility to a first aid kit to solidify assistance to colleagues is the greatest way to help prevent injury from unfolding.

  • Alarm

Close operatives are mainly required to work unaccompanied. Technology has evolved and made a significant difference to the way in which operatives are protected. Lone worker alarms can be monitored via an app, making is easy to track.

  • Bullet/stab proof vest

Dependant on the operatives work location can increase everlasting risk. Wearing protecting clothing such as a bullet proof vest will protect from treacherous risks.

Safety through security.


Be your own shield

Whilst it always depends on where and what you are doing the chances of you becoming a victim are relatively low however, sadly, in today’s world risk is ever present you should be aware of how you might take simple steps to protect yourself and reduce your risk from harm. Our personal security tips should aid preventing the chance of you becoming a victim.

We can’t plan for or prevent every scenario, but we can prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the worst.

Thieves either targeting you or opportunists will seize their moment when you are most vulnerable, staying vigilant with good situational awareness, foresight and judgement will improve your chances to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Be alert and aware!  
    While you are walking, keep your mind on what is going on around you. Knowing who is near is the first step to being secure. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, move in the direction of other people. No earphones keep your ears open and be fully aware if someone is following you
  • Valuables
    Don’t make yourself an easy target by displaying valuable assets whilst in public. Jewellery, watches, purses, wallets or laptops should be worn or carried discreetly and securely or kept hidden at all times when alone
  • Display confidence 
    Walk with purpose, scan the area around you and make casual eye contact with others to display confidence. This reduces your chances of being targeted by criminals. Don’t wear shoes or clothing that restrict your movements
  • Keep your hands free
    Carrying items makes you a more vulnerable target for criminals. Backpacks should be worn on your back, keeping your arms and hands free. Avoid text messaging or lengthy cell phone use while walking alone. Be extra alert; know who and what are around you at all times
  • Trust your instincts
    If you have an intuitive feeling something is wrong, trust your instincts. React immediately and take action to reduce your risk. Many individuals suppress these feelings, because they fear their response will offend someone. React to your instincts and don’t worry about someone else’s feelings. If someone approaches you and you feel uncomfortable, move or ask for assistance. Call the Police immediately about all suspicious activity. Don’t worry about “bothering” them because this is what they are there for
  • Share location
    Modern technology continues to evolve at pace and enables you to send your live location to several contacts. In the event of an emergency your location is traceable
  • Ask for help
    If you feel vulnerable, ask Police or Security to escort you to your car. This is often another fear individuals have, that they may inconvenience someone for something that did not exist

Safety through security.

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