+ skyhigh security

Sky-high security

Our bespoke security services know no bounds and are certainly not limited to the road. Securitatem Consultancy delivers elite security globally, whether via land, sea, or air.

We retain exclusive use of this stunning Agusta 109 twin engine 8 seater helicopter as part of our range of security travel services. Offering a luxury experience in travel and security services nationally and internationally, piloted by former members of the Military.

The helicopter boasts an impressive interior and exquisite leather seating throughout. Sit back and relax with a drink from the elegant inbuilt console as you pass through the sky.

Following your flight, our security drivers can arrive within your own vehicle or one from our executive fleet to escort you to your next destination. Every driver is specially trained in a range of defensive driving techniques, drawn from a Police and Military background. Alongside our leading protective services, our team is also impeccable in their execution of our refined and elite standards.

If you are traveling onboard a yacht or private boat this winter, we can provide close protection personnel to accompany you. Experience every corner of the world safe in the knowledge that our team will continually prioritise your safety.

To discuss your requirements and upcoming security arrangements, please contact Luana Ali, Private Clients Manager.

+ family security

Protecting your family

Our family security services are built bespoke to your needs, taking care of what is most precious to you.

Our family security training programs provide the tools to create a safe and secure environment for your family. They are designed to prepare and equip you and your family with the skills and knowledge to identify and react to potential security threats.

Our family training program also encompasses travel security training, allowing you and your family to be guided through the security protocols for traveling securely around the world. We provide the background knowledge unique to your destination, on-the-ground protocols, and close protection operatives to travel with you if required.

We can provide security teams abroad and at home, our close protection operatives, are discreet and subtle, allowing you to go about your family life undisturbed. Our operatives work to the highest standard in the industry, and all come from a former military or Police background, so you can fully relax knowing your family will remain safe with us. 

If you have concerns regarding your family’s security, contact us now.


Preparing Your Staff

Our workplace training courses provide your staff with the foresight to anticipate and mitigate potential threats.

Training staff and equipping them with safe and secure procedures to follow if they find themselves under threat can be essential depending on the nature of your work and the type of industry you are in. Implementing security provisions promptly increases your staff safety. This could be due to an intruder, a physical aggressor, individuals wielding a weapon, or even a terrorist attack. Internal conflicts are also considered to facilitate amicable resolutions.

Courses are designed and bespoke to your requirements and can consolidate all your security training needs. We can provide onsite training nationally and internationally, as well as courses run from our head office in Kent, England. Our full range of courses include command & control mentoring, travel security training, and family security training.

All training is carried out by specialist personnel, skilled in managing risk, hostile environments, and forming a tactical response.  All Trainers have impeccable former careers in the Police or military, are licensed under the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and fully vetted under UK Law Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Looking to increase your workplace security even more? Securitatem Installations can offer completely bespoke security systems installed seamlessly in the workplace, including intruder alarms, CCTV, Access Control, and Gates and Barriers.


Undertaking a personal security profile review

A security profile builds into a comprehensive overview of your unique circumstance and identifies security threats.

The Securitatem Consultancy operations team will complete a holistic, intricate overview of your security and that of your family, including personal, digital, and physical considerations. Each area has been specifically included for its relevance and significance to your unique safety profile requirement.

We work closely with you throughout the review to ensure any security requests, as well as potential shortcomings, are detected.

Once a security profile is established, we will provide proactive management of your security protocols, with a continual review. Leaving you assured that our professional and highly trained operatives are prioritising your and your family’s safety.

+ Security Operations Advisor

New Security Operations Advisor

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Charlotte Marriott to the new role of Security Operations Advisor. 

The position has been created to provide operational delivery to every aspect of the business. Charlotte will be spearheading the day-to-day operational requirements of Securitatem Consultancy, supporting various teams within the organisation, and maintaining all essential operational assets. She will have a prominent role in managing our operational security services.

Charlotte has extensive experience in delivering results in high-pressure and emergency situations, with a 21-year career in Kent Police. During her time on the force, Charlotte worked in incident response, firearms, sexual offences team, and critical incident command. She is adept at dealing with multiple competing operational demands whilst ensuring the overall well-being and support of those she served.


How to remain secure whilst you travel

As a comprehensive security provider, we can offer a complete security service whilst you travel.

No matter where you are visiting in the world, we are here to manage all your security needs. With a travel risk assessment, we can provide an invaluable review of your desired location, its risks, and threats. With your unique travel requirement highlighted, we can also provide bespoke travel security training to improve and support your knowledge of security scenarios whilst abroad.

If you require security personnel whilst traveling internationally, our close protection operatives work to the highest standard in the industry, and all come from a former military or Police background.  There is no need to be restricted by security whilst you travel, our services and staff are discrete and considerate, so you can fully relax on your holiday and remain safe simultaneously. 

Additionally, our travel support services include security drivers, executive personal chauffeurs, luxury transport including helicopters, and a fleet of executive vehicles for traveling to and from the airport.

Not only do we offer exemplary on-the-ground travel services whilst you are away, but we can also provide varied security services to your home in your absence. Our home security services include a residential security team to remain at your residence whilst you are away and the installation of intruder alarms and CCTV to monitor your home remotely.


Plan now for your future security

Don’t wait for a substantial threat, or worse, a terrifying event, to consider your security needs. Being proactive about your safety now puts you in control.

It can be hard to explore the real possibility of experiencing a security breach in the future but if you’re within a high-risk category due to your position, profile, or wealth making contingency plans now is essential.

Our specialist team can prepare a comprehensive security review, including strategic understanding of your unique profile and all related risks and threats, completing tactical surveys of your properties and detailed recommendations of areas in need of attention. Our team will then continue to assist you by mounting an appropriate response and implementing the required security actions to best safeguard you, your family, or your property.

With over 300 years of collective experience, we have seen first-hand the importance of applying proactive security measures in the effective protection of individuals.

+ Private Clients Manager

New Private Clients Manager

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Luana Ali to the new role of Private Clients Manager. 

The position has been created as an exclusive contact for our private client base, safeguarding the quality of the service they receive whilst further developing awareness of the range of products we offer within the high-end security market. The role provides our clients with a dedicated manager, focused solely on fulfilling their security needs.

Luana has extensive experience in customer relations and relationship management, from both the recruitment and charity sectors. Luana brings with her a unique expertise in nurturing long-term relationships with her clients through refined attention to detail and the ability to adapt quickly to any requirement or situation.

Private Clients Manager

NCSC: Latest Cyber Advice

Due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – part of GCHQ – has issued a warning to organisations to bolster their online defences.  

In light of this new stark warning, we are now recommending our clients follow their guidance on steps to take when the cyber threat is heightened.

Whilst no specific threat to UK organisations has been identified by the NCSC in relation to the events in Ukraine, improving your resilience to cyber threats now could reduce your risk of falling victim to such an attack in the future.

If you require further information on our cyber services, you can find more information here.


New Command & Control Centre

Ahead of the upcoming launch of our complete event security service, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new command & control centre.

The striking vehicle will join our existing fleet of operational vehicles, supporting our events security management service and events trailer. The centre will also operate independently as an incident response centre for our clients in need of a responsive and imposing security presence, equipped for evidence gathering and crime/incident scene management. Together these will provide you with a comprehensive security response to any event or incident. The centre is equipped with a command & control capability, with multiple cameras and can simultaneously function as a mobile overt surveillance centre.

The command centre was recently sign written by the fantastic team at JRT signs ahead of the launch, and is now adorned with the company’s logo and motto.

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