Covert investigative activities including surveillance are legitimate and valuable investigative tools, used widely to gather evidence and information to achieve investigative aims and objectives.

Corporate investigations, internal staff investigations and targeted intelligence gathering are all potential valid reasons to use surveillance. 

When planning with the client, it will be important to understand the degree of harm and or seriousness of loss. We have our own fully equipped control room and surveillance vehicles to provide support to the surveillance assets deployed. This ranges from mapping and directions, to quick time intelligence, imagery and other information direct to the staff operationally deployed. All our surveillance is carried out by operatives trained to the UK national standard as set by the College of Policing. Indeed we employ part time College of Policing national surveillance instructors which ensures our skills remain contemporary.


For public bodies in the UK the deployment of surveillance assets is strictly controlled by The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, Securitatem Consultancy are fortunate to have some of the countries most experienced former serious organised crime Authorising Officers (Police Superintendent or equivalent),uniquely we ensure that each deployed is independently considered by an Authorising Officer to ensure it complies with the spirit of the legislation that controls public bodies, thereby ensuring that evidence is gathered with integrity, will be compelling, is compliant with legal process and admissible.


Deploying surveillance assets is not to be considered lightly by either the client or providers of such a service. Uniquely Securitatem Consultancy will provide an honest appraisal on what value we believe this set of tactics might bring to your enquiry. In comparison with other less intrusive methodologies. We will not seek to up-sell capabilities where results are likely to be achieved by more economical means, we will offer the best possible advice and capabilities to suit the set of circumstances presented.

Counter Surveillance

Protective Surveillance

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