At Securitatem Consultancy, our staff have a vast amount of experience leading, managing, and delivering some of the UK’s most serious organised crime investigations.

We will consider your investigative needs using a holistic model, uniquely designed to deliver a long-term set of goals, firstly to investigate the issue in focus while in parallel achieving a substantial reduction in risk and vulnerability from future attacks.

We work closely with the client to deliver a range of outputs that will be structured on the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy framework, including the 4P approach:

Pursue: Prosecute and disrupt people engaged in serious and organised criminality

Prevent: Prevent people from engaging in serious and organised crime

Protect: Increase protection against serious and organised crime

Prepare: Reduce the impact of this criminality where it takes place

To find out more about this service and the others we offer, please contact us directly.

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