Our bespoke event security management service will help to protect you and your clientele.

When planning your next event, event security is a critical consideration. Being responsible and accountable for the safety of those who attend or participate in your event could require external support from a service like ours, which is specially designed with a seamless execution in mind. Created for those looking to get a high-quality response to their unique event security requirements.

event security

Every event is different, so its security should be too. When you consider the range of variables such as peoples, capacities, and potential risks, an off the shelf solution simply is not viable. We pride ourselves on having a holistic event service that not only aims to understand your distinctive needs but also fulfils those needs to the highest standard.

event security management

Our dedicated events team work tirelessly to deliver a seamless security service, which can include:

  • Screening & detection
  • Visible security presence
  • Physical protection measures
  • Command & control centre
  • Incident response coordination
  • Cyber security and intelligence gathering

Our capabilities include local authority events, private parties or weddings, corporate functions, tourist attractions, and county shows throughout the UK.

If you have increased security concerns for an upcoming wedding, we can provide the support you need for your big day.

We can arrange event security reviews, personnel including close protection, drivers and managers, background checks, screening at entry, VIP area management, and establishing a central security hub on site with our command-and-control centre. Every service is provided by professional security providers with extensive public service or military experience.

Celebrate your special day safe in the knowledge that our team is protecting you and your guests.

If you are planning an event and would like to enquire about our services, please contact us or enquire directly below:

Event Security Risk Assessment

Command & Control Centre

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