Our team of specially trained former police officers provide the luxury of a chauffeur all from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Whether you are having a day at the opera or visiting an annual sporting event, you can relax in the backseat of your own vehicle whilst one of our elite chauffeurs takes the wheel. Our chauffeur only service provides a complete travel provision, from at home collection, en route concierge package, on call response and return travel, we take care of it all.

Our team are experienced police drivers, having come from a roads policing background, emergency advanced level response drivers, tactical pursuit and containment, VIP close protection, specialist firearms and evasive driving. These qualifications demonstrate a high level of skill and competence that is migrated into our chauffeuring service.

Securitatem consultancy drivers are all highly experienced and skilled professionals, specialising in close protection and security. Our chauffeur service’s primary objective is to protect those traveling with us from external threats.  With advanced skillsets and intensive vetting, our drivers are tasked with providing the highest standard of security to those we serve.

Chauffeur Service

Rigorous approval process

Each driver must undertake a rigorous approval process conducted by the ex-Head of Roads Policing to ensure that they are competent for the role. Approved staff are all DBS vetted and first aid trained.

These outstanding former Police Officers, who all completed their full service working in specialist tactical roles and senior ranks. Provides a seamless chauffeur service, with your safety through security at the heart of everything they do.

We offer an additional level of protection with each chauffeur using a personal tracker if required. Allowing yourself or your family the option to track the journey from start to finish.

Luxury Service

Our team provided the highest standards of service and respectfully undergo their tasks with the upmost discretion. Our service takes on board the desire of many of our clients to enjoy their high-end vehicles without the burden to drive. This provides our clientele the luxury of enjoying the theatre, a day at Ascot or a Royal garden party. Without the constraints of hiring a third party vehicle or transporting themselves.

The luxury doesn’t end there, with our service you will be provided with an en route concierge package. This contains a bespoke selection of snacks, confectionary, and amenities. Catering and drink options are also available. Whether you are craving a charcuterie platter or a chilled bottle of the finest wine, we can provide all upon request.

Security Driver

Travel Risk Assessment

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