Regain your sense of security with the deployment of our command and control centre.

Whether you are experiencing a current threat or are proactively looking to prevent a potential threat, the deployment of our command and control centre could provide a rapid response to alleviate your security concerns.

The versatile service has been designed to provide both proactive and reactive responses. Our command-and-control centre can be placed on your property to monitor and protect the site and its occupants. The centre could be utilised as an interim security system, for crime scene preservation or providing specialist security for an event.

control centre

Additionally, the command-and-control centre can be enlisted following a suspected burglary, intruder, or trespassing incident. Our team have extensive experience in establishing a cordon, securing a perimeter, and implementing an entry and exit point. The centre creates an imposing security presence, effective in deterring further security threats. 

Our command-and-control centre comes equipped with mobile CCTV, a monitoring system, a generator, and flood lights. No matter how remote or isolated the location, our team can provide a self-reliant security service on site.

Event Security Management

Command & Control Mentoring

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