Our exclusive team of personal protection and close protection operatives is setting the highest standard in protective security.

For our clients, we have a specially selected team on hand to radically reduce the fear of harm or unwanted attention they may receive. Deployed to provide a seamless security partition between the client and others who may seek to disrupt, harm, or endanger them.

Close protection requires the highest skillset, and we only recruit those who have impeccable careers within the security industry, as well as completing former occupations in the Police or military. 

With flawless years of experience, comes the capability to operate at the highest level, for the highest in society. Our team provides the utmost discretion and quality management, able to operate within the most high-profile security environments and to the accepted social etiquette required.

The private protection services include:

  • Close protection
  • Residential Security Team
  • Security Managers
  • Security Drivers
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Specialist Dogs and Handlers

To find out more about our protection services, view here.

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