London has seen an increasing issue of personal crime during 2022, with a 60% increase being reported between May and June 2022.

Often seen as a hotspot for luxury watch shopping, criminals are now taking to the streets of London with the latest crime wave. Criminals, often on mopeds and e-scooters, are targeting members of the public during broad daylight, whilst dining outside, or following them at night. Recorded incidents show criminals brazenly approaching owners in the street, physically removing the watch, and even banishing weapons including machetes during attacks.

London has seen a growth in criminal offenses since the end of Covid-19 restrictions, and with the public back out on densely packed streets, this gives perpetrators ample opportunity to target personal property.  Between November 2021 and October 2022, there were 54,877 recorded incidences of theft from a person in London, a 60% increase on the previous 12 month period (Metropolitan Police: Overview of crimes). With theft crime being 2nd only to violence against a person.

Brands targeted have been reported to have been Rolex, Franck Muller, Omega, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. With reports listing high-priced jewellery and mobile phones also being taken during attacks.

The often violent and brutal nature of such an attack can have an additional emotional cost on the victim, causing ongoing fear and psychological trauma.

Detective Chief Superintendent Owain Richards told The Daily Telegraph. “We know the impact these crimes have on each end every victim and that is why we have extra officers in place in locations where these crimes are most common,” Even promising to add extra patrols to areas seeing an increase in assaults.

The police have advised the public to keep valuables concealed and to be aware of their surroundings whilst in public. However, this is often easier said than done and with the frequency of incidents increasing, you may want to consider advanced measures.

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