Since the global pandemic in 2020, there has been a downward trend in how business travellers are now perceiving their safety when traveling the world with many now stating it is not safe at all.

A recent survey detailed by Strategic Risk, and commissioned by the World Travel Protection, carried out by Opinium, found the following conclusions:

  • Only 20% of employees said they were happy to travel for work again.
  • With 18% were concerned about their health and well-being whilst traveling now.
  • 17% of business travellers feel less safe than they did before the pandemic.

With so much concern over traveling now, including concerns around geopolitical threats, one practical countermeasure for those businesses still requiring their employees to undertake essential travel would be to instruct a travel risk assessment. As well as providing experienced advice on mitigating risk, it also provides business travellers with reassurance.

Risk assessments will identify whether there is a need to implement travel security training for employees visiting unstable destinations.

Additionally, high-profile organisations may wish to consider enlisting specialist security staff to take professional care of their staff safety whilst traveling, either through a designated individual being on hand to manage their itinerary before and during the journey or through employing close protection to provide assurance against any threat of a volatile incidents.

Further consideration would be electronic options to keep locations visible 24/7 with a discrete tracking device, further increasing security. Electronic options can be either on personal items or vehicles, giving remote updates for the duration of the time away.

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