Most of our clients enjoy anonymity and very private lives away of the utmost privacy. However even the most innocent online presence can have the potential to be criminally targeted.

With online networks and communities continuing to grow. The appeal and draw of an online presence increases and once active can unwittingly draw the wrong kind of attention. This becomes a risk when there is a combination of; an individual in a prominent position, the exposure of their private life online, and the absence of online security awareness or security personnel. This opens the possibility of their offline life to attack from those who would seek to benefit from it.

Unfortunately, there have been several incidents over the last few years where prominent individuals have been targeted through opportunists online. These incidents have ranged from:

In these cases, and others, posting updates publicly online that feature high-value items, travel plans, the location of the home residence, and vulnerable family members has led to unwelcome repercussions. The internet offers a blanket of anonymity to those who look to expose and exploit opportunities for burglary, robbery, and even kidnapping.  


Through the process of reviewing an individual client’s security, we may look to advise on limiting measures on their social network and online presence to establish the safest environment for them going forward. The measures we may advise they deploy include but are not limited to:

  • Have private accounts or consider not having an account at all.
  • Only posting information about your activities, locations, or events retrospectively.
  • Turn off your location/geotags settings.
  • Impress on your family and associates about the importance of privacy for their accounts too, associating with you may expose their accounts to be targeted.

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