Close protection operative : essential tools

Being a close protection operative can be dangerous. Absence of sufficient safety measures can put an operative at risk. It’s vital to ensure their safety isn’t compromised.

We’ve identified crucial personal protective equipment that should be utilised:

  • Two-way radio

Communication is key. Two-way radios are collective forms of communication for close protection operatives. Intended to smartly interconnect vital information over extended or diminutive distances.

  • Smartphone

Mobile devices are obligatory in today’s interconnected world. Offering operatives a commanding interaction instrument with access to the internet to create strategies and react to unanticipated surroundings.

  • First aid kit

Having unlimited accessibility to a first aid kit to solidify assistance to colleagues is the greatest way to help prevent injury from unfolding.

  • Alarm

Close operatives are mainly required to work unaccompanied. Technology has evolved and made a significant difference to the way in which operatives are protected. Lone worker alarms can be monitored via an app, making is easy to track.

  • Bullet/stab proof vest

Dependant on the operatives work location can increase everlasting risk. Wearing protecting clothing such as a bullet proof vest will protect from treacherous risks.

Safety through security.

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