A strategic security-minded methodology is used for our security reviews. This is vital to ensure that appropriate security measures, are in place to reduce the risk of harm or loss to people, assets, estates, information, and data.

Taking the time to develop a coherent, holistic, risk based and proportionate security strategy, supported by effective governance structures, is essential to ensure success. Too often when protective security is applied in an ad hoc, siloed and unstructured manner valuable resources are wasted with limited impact on security risk reduction.

Understanding and mitigating both strategic and operational risk is a vital element of any response. At Securitatem Consultancy, we can help you make sense of a complex environment.

There are two fundamental stages when we plan a security review:

  • Identifying and understanding the security risks and threats that you face
  • Developing a holistic strategic security plan to show how your security needs will be met through the implementation of a set of proportionate measures, which blend into and fit your business or lifestyle requirements
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