At Securitatem Consultancy, we strive to keep you safe, our extensive range of investigation services gives you the reassurance that you and your family deserve.

Investigations >

At Securitatem Consultancy, our staff have a vast amount of experience leading, managing and delivering some of the UK’s most serious organised crime investigations.

Background, DD & OSINT Checks >

Our investigators are highly skilled OSINT experts and provide extensive training worldwide on how to ethically exploit publicly available data from diverse sources.

Penetration Testing >

A penetration test is a proactive and authorised attempt to assess your security infrastructure.

Threat & Risk Assessments >

Threat and risk assessments ensure appropriate security measures are in place to decrease the risk of damage or loss to: people, assets and data.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), is a highly specialised service, at Securitatem Consultancy, we work with the client to identify the most sensitive and vulnerable areas to conduct an initial baseline assessment.

Surveillance >

Covert investigative activity including surveillance are legitimate and valuable investigative tools, used widely to gather evidence and information to achieve investigative aims and objectives.

Counter Surveillance >

Counter surveillance includes techniques to enable you to complete what you need to, despite knowing that you are under surveillance.

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