Security Consulting

Including security consulting services gives you the reassurance that you and your family deserve. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home, or travelling; Securitatem Consultancy will keep you safe.

Anti-Kidnap & Extortion >

At Securitatem Consultancy we offer anti kidnap & extortion resolutions. Close protection operatives protect an individual who may be exposed to elevated personal risk.

Undercover Operative & Social Engineering >

At Securitatem Consultancy, we have a skilled team of undercover operatives, drawn from both public and private sector roles.

Command & Control Mentoring >

At Securitatem Consultancy, we have strong backgrounds in adult education across a range of specialist subjects, including command & control mentoring.

Security Reviews >

Security reviews are in place to reduce the risk of harm or loss to; people, assets, estates and data.

Cyber >

At Securitatem Consultancy, we have highly skilled consultants who have cutting edge insights in the virtual world of cybercrime.

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